This is poet and writer Nirmal Brahmachari´s website.

Nirmal Brahmachari was born in 1944 in Kolkata in India . He became active in the revolutionary student movement when he was only 18 years old. Around 1970 there was a movement of poor peasants who were called "naxalities" after a revolt in Naxalbari in 1967 . Their demand was land, people´s democracy and socialism . Nirmal supported it and worked for the revolutionary peasants upsurge which suffered bloody repression and oppression . Many rebels and revolutionaries were either kept in prisons or brutally killed.Nirmal sat in prison altogether 3 years between 1965 and 1972 . He came to Norway in 1974.

He published his first book in 1967. Immediately he became a popular poet.He was also editor of several magizines and newspapers in India . He has been publishing poems , short stories and novels since then , in which the struggle against oppression and the love to the people stand as main issues. Sparks in the snow was his first published book in Norway . The second one, Poems against War, is also published in Norwegian . Poems against war was a solid weapon against war , invasion and occupation in today´s world . His third publication , Poems from Exile , written in Norway , expresses his deep love and poetic nostalgia to his home country .
His short stories of Norway have been translated into Norwegian language .De Fremmede (The Stranger). His writings contend with the suffering of the people , poverty and struggle of the people . Deep respect and love to the people . And finally optimistic faith and trust to the people . His book Spark in the Snow has been honored by the Norwegian writers association in 1999 . He has received many awards in India among them Utpal Dutta memorial award fro Kolkata and International award from Dhaka, Bangladesh by the Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University are mentionable .
He is the proprietor and director of International Publication head office, Oslo , Norway with branches in London and Kolkata publishing English , Bengali , Norwegian , Hindi and Urdu books.
Two documentary films 1. Restless Ski . ". Sparks in the Snow have been made on his life in Kolkata.